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Online Air Brake Refresher Course Description


This program teaches the Airbrake concepts detail. The program comes in 3 sections: Sections 1 & 2 represents the full Alberta Curriculum and Section 3 is a set of interactive activities to enhance the learner experience. Students are allowed to move back and forth through all the material at will, allowing easy access for individual review topics. The user creates their own experience.
This program can be employed in a number of ways:

  1. As a preview before taking your Air Brake Program

  2. As preparation for your Air Brake written test (Provinces such as Alberta require the test taken and an Alberta Registry after an actual air brake program)

  3. As a great review for anyone or any company with employees who require or would like an air brake refresher.

Course Outline

Section One: Air Brake Curriculum Part 1

  1. Introduction

    1. Program Outline

  2. Air Brake Pretrip

    1. Reservoirs Full

    2. Reservoirs Empty

  3. Airbrake System Overview

  4. Supply System

  5. Service System

  6. Park Brakes

  7. Tractor / Trailer

  8. System Failures

Section Two: Air Brake Curriculum Part 2

  1. Foundation Brakes and Adjustment

  2. Air Operated Disc Brakes

  3. Driving Tips

    1. Braking

    2. Retarders

    3. Icy Roads

    4. Downgrades

      1. On Highways

      2. Pre-hill Inspections

      3. In Town

      4. Runaway Lanes

  4. Anti-Lock Braking Systems

  5. Automatic Traction Control

Section Three: Activities

  1. General Introduction

  2. Pretrip Activity

  3. Supply System Activity

  4. Service System Activity

  5. Park Brake Activity

  6. Tractor / Trailer Activity

  7. System Failure Activity

  8. Foundation Brake Activity


Course Duration:         Learner Dependant

Online Air Brake Refresher Program
$50.00 CAD

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