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Defensive Driver Courses & Training Mobile Version


Online Defensive Driving (Condensed Version) Mobile Version | iPad Support

Program Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Are you looking for a defensive driving program that is rich in content, but does not take all day to complete? This condensed online defensive driving program is designed for individuals and corporations who need and want content that can make a difference in a short 2 – 3 hour program.

Written and narrated by Dr. Randy Flemmer, President of Fleet Safety International, this program is insightful and provides numerous defensive driving tips and hints that can start reducing collision rates immediately.

Content topics include:

  • Dr. Flemmer’s world renown and copy protected SAFER System of Defensive Driving
  • The Three most common collisions and the defensives that you should know on how to avoid them
  • Fatigue and driving
  • And more...


This course is best delivered with Google Chrome. Download the browser here

Defensive Driving - Condensed Mobile Version
$50.00 CAD

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